Enter to newline, Shift+Enter to submit message in chat

We love writing multi-paragraph messages. However, it is very annoying to press Shift+Enter for a line break, and easy to press Enter by mistake and submit the message.

Please add a configuration to switch the two.


I’ll use bold now: +1 for this

And my reason for this is:

  • do you know how annoying is when you do a typo, trying to fix it and your finger hits slightly off to enter…
  • small screens, aka. mobiles, don’t send when hitting enter (and that is good, please, please don’t fix it)

I do this reasonably often as well. :raised_hand:

This would also help with your previous feature request.
So let’s add tablets to the use cases.

I forgot totally that request :man_facepalming: :woozy_face:

Mostly because it got close to zero support (and I see why, using tablets is so rare)