Sending email failed with SMTPS port 465

Hi Team,

Using email service from godaddy and smtp ssl port 465 in config, but sending mail fails with
Job exception: end of file reached.

For me 465 works with email client such as thunderbird. What can be done to make email work with discourse on port 465.
Running SMTP on other port such as 3535 works well. If I go with non secure port will security of my email contents and credentials get compromised?


This sounds like a problem with your mail provider or the server running Discourse (such as a firewall issue). It is not a problem with Discourse itself.

Also note that port 465 hasn’t been for SMTPS for so long that the IETF has removed its registration as a well-known port. You should use port 25 or 587 with STARTTLS.

Hi Matt,

I am able to telnet port 465 from discourse server and no firewall is configured for now.
Email providers still supports 465 for secure connection for client which does not support STARTTLS. However that’s not the case here, so I can move to port 25 with STARTTLS on.


Sad to here this.
My email service provider does not support for port 587.

Your ESP needs to be dragged, kicking and screaming, into the 21st century.


I have been googling for this, to see if I should use port 465 or not.

Can you confirm as of 2018, if the recommended and safe settings is to use port 587 with STARTTLS (DISCOURSE_SMTP_ENABLE_START_TLS env for dockers) ?

Sendgrid still offers port 465 “for SSL connections” as they say. I was thinking in using it.

Sendgrid use 587 too. Use 587 with starttls. TLS is effectively the successor to SSL.


There’s a January 2018 IETF RFC which recommends use of port 465 for “implicit” TLS. A motivation for this is the increasing trend for mandatory encryption, which renders STARTTLS somewhat redundant. RFC 8314 - Cleartext Considered Obsolete: Use of Transport Layer Security (TLS) for Email Submission and Access

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Have there been any updates? My email provider also requires that the client automatically establish a TLS connection on connect on port 465.

How do I tell Discourse to use this option?

To be precise, in [swaks]( this is called --tlsc

--tlsc, --tls-on-connect
Initiate a TLS connection immediately on connection. Following common convention, if this option is specified the default port changes from 25 to 465, though this can still be overridden with the --port option.

I think the following is related: a never completed PR for Ruby’s action mailer describes how the action mailer needs to be configured. Specifically, the options tls and ssl need to be added. In Discourse, this could be in production.rb here

PS: I submitted a PR with a proposed fix which can also be used as a work-around