Sending mails using cpanel and smtp

Hey Guys and girls,

I am still a bit stuck in this. But I cannot connect Discourse to my SMTP (I have tried for a few hours but at the and I have failed to get it working properly).

Firstly, I had a problem that the certificate of the mail server did not match the server. Then I’ve try to send it using an unencrypted port. But I was having the same problem.

Now I have added the right hostname (I think). But I get a Job exception: Net::ReadTimeout.
According to the hostingprovider the IP is not blocked.

I have looked up the complete tutorial

Is there anything else I van try?

Mailgun has a free plan in which you can send 10,000 emails per month.

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I know but we have mail server that Works fine for Sending mails. we never reached spam box and have multiple ip addresses because of that :), the only problem is that I cannot figure out why I cannot connect to the server

It certainly seems like it’s blocked somehow. Can your server reach the mail server outside of Discourse?

How can I test this? I can connect using my laptop but the server is on a Different location

On a command line you can try: telnet mail port where mail is your mailserver address and port is the port number. If it connects and you can type stuff, you are good. If not, you are blocked somehow.

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Don’t use but instead.