Serializer Error When Listing All Time Users Directory

/directory_items?period=all&order=likes_received returns a 500.

On the UI, the spinner just spins forever if I have selected all time, otherwise the other options (weekly, monthly, etc.) load OK. However, they show a user that is blank that is probably a test user I deleted after making a post:

The logs show a serializer error:

NoMethodError (undefined method `time_read' for nil:NilClass) /var/www/discourse/app/serializers/directory_item_serializer.rb:14:in `time_read'
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Can’t repro.

Did how exactly you deleted the user?

delete all posts, delete user. I had created a handful of users and posted and deleted them all fine, strictly through UI, etc. Only thing that stands out is that one topic was created while I was impersonating another user.

Is there anything I can do to manually clean it up?

I think this is somehow related to the batch that updates this page didn’t ran after the delete. Gotta repro yet, tough.

I haven’t touched anything but I guess some job ran eventually and now it is okay and works fine, hmm