Users?period=all not completing

When visiting the “all time” user list at users?period=all the spinner spins indefinitely. It does not happen when checking users daily, weekly or yearly.

I’m using v1.3.0.beta9 +84

We’re doing pre-launch testing on our installation and just have 18 users on it including 3 anonymous and system.

Might be a regression, can you check Monday @eviltrout?

That is odd. I just tried here and it worked fine:

Are there any errors in your logs? /logs?

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The error message in the log is saying

NoMethodError (undefined method `time_read’ for nil:NilClass)

We replicated it several times from two different Macs when it happened

It has now corrected itself following a further upgrade. We’re now on +118

Let me know if you’d like any more information.