Server reboot necessitates disco container reboot

Since I’ve shifted my server from Gcp/1 Vcpu/8gb/50gb to 1 Vcpu/6gb/52gb on Google Console, whenever I reboot my server (for whatever reason. Generally after some imp updates), then I find that my website goes down. Just blank screen in FF, and Error 500 in chrome:

I tried running in safe mode, but same error.

Also I’ve checked that when my site is not working/giving error, the nginx service is running ok in backend/server. But yet outer Nginx’s error msg isn’t displayed in browser.
I’ve Nginx outside the container. And since Nginx’s own error msg also isn’t displayed, I presume perhaps its not the container fault.

Anyhow, if I stop and then start the container, then first outer Nginx msg appears and within minute the website appears. This episode has happened 2-3 times. My website is updated every 5-7 days from front end.

Is this a standard install or do you have a reverse proxy in front of Discourse?

Given that your have some other reverse proxy, it sounds like some kind of race condition where it needs to be running first, or perhaps the external nginx is creating a network that Discourse cannot connect to if discourse starts first


Thanks for listening ji.

I’ve reverse proxy (i.e. nginx is running outside the disco container). Also I’ve 2 container setup, just in case the problem is related to this somehow.

Though problem isn’t urgent, (only when server is rebooted), is there some simple check/test which could further pin-point the problem.

Does something create a docker network to connect them?

I’ve not seen this happen before. I don’t have any suggestions. :person_shrugging:

@Bathinda can you try to identify what causes it all to fail?

Feom what I see there is an error 500.

Have you tried to find any errors in the logs of the outer nginx?

You could also consider exploring the inner nginx logs to see if it is causing any errors.


Thanks @itsbhanusharma and @pfaffman
I’d try to check out the nginx logs.

Thanks again for giving some direction to me.

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