Set backup location to secondary drive?

I want to set my backup location to a secondary drive on the local machine. I only see “local” and “s3” options, and “local” doesn’t seem to let me specify the location on the machine. Reasons:

  1. This saves space on the primary drive as the data grows in size
  2. Avoids a total loss of data if the primary drive fails

Is the only way to do this to write a cron job to move the .tar.gz file from shared/web-only/backups/default/ to the other drive?


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You could set the location of the backup folder in the app.yml to be on the other drive.


Wonderful! I don’t see a commented out example line for that. What would that line look like in the yml file? Like the following…?

 - volume:
      host: /mnt/my_backup_drive/discourse_backup
      guest: /public/backups/default

I think it’s /shared/backups/default, or just /shared/backups. You just need to destroy she start the container to test.


Worked. Thanks @pfaffman!

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