Set up CA Flowdock notifications using the discourse-chat-integration plugin

This howto describes how to set up the Flowdock provider included in discourse-chat-integration.


If you haven’t already, install the discourse-chat-integration plugin.

Setup CA Flowdock

  1. Create a new Flowdock developer application: fill in the name, description and check Shortcut application

  2. Open the Flowdock flow (room) you’d like to send notifications to

  3. Go to InboxAdd Integrations and select an app you’ve just created

  4. Create a source for the flow - it will generate a flow token, you’ll need it later on

Setup Discourse

  1. In your site settings, enable the chat integration flowdock enabled setting

  2. Go to the Plugins tab, then Chat Integrations

  3. Go to the Flowdock tab, and click Add Channel

  4. Paste the flow token that you copied earlier, then click Save Channel

  5. Use the Test button on the channel you just created to check that everything’s working. You should see something like this in the inbox feed of your Flowdock flow:


And the whole thread when you open it:


  1. Setup some Rules for your channel, according to the discourse-chat-integration instructions.

  2. :confetti_ball: