Set up Webex notifications using the discourse-chat-integration plugin

This #howto describes how to set up the Webex provider included in discourse-chat-integration .


If you haven’t already, install the discourse-chat-integration plugin

Setup Webex

  1. Navigate to the Space where you want to add the webhook and click the cog wheel in the Space’s title bar.
  2. Choose Add apps from the drop-down menu.
  3. In the browser window that opens for the Cisco Webex App Hub, search for Incoming Webhooks.
  4. Click the Connect button at the top right.
  5. Wait for the newly opened tab to load. Or not. It seemed to just spin out forever for me.
  6. Get back to the previous tab where you clicked the Connect button. Refresh if required, until it shows Disconnect instead. Don’t click it.
  7. Scroll down, you’ll find a form there now.
  8. Give your new Webhook a name, and select a Space from the drop-down list. It should list all the Spaces you have access to.
  9. Click Add.
  10. Copy the Webhook URL to clipboard, you’ll need it for the next steps.

Setup Discourse

  1. In your site settings, enable the chat integration webex enabled setting

  2. Go to the Plugins tab, then Chat Integrations

  3. Go to the Webex tab, and click Add Channel

  4. Enter the name of your Webex channel/Space (e.g. discourse)

  5. Paste the Webhook URL that you copied earlier, then click Save Channel

  6. Use the Test button on the channel you just created to check that everything’s working. You should see something like this in the chatbox of your Webex Space.

  7. Setup some Rules for your channel, according to the discourse-chat-integration 23 instructions.

  8. Celebrate :tada: