Set up process for Discourse

(Madison) #1

Hi, I’m doing some preliminary research on community engagement platforms and I have a few questions:
What is the set up process for using your platform?
What resources do we need? (i.e. designer)
What skill set is required to set up this platform?
What is the timeframe for the set up process?
Is there an existing community of resources that you have available?
Do you recommend using someone specific to set up the platform, can it be anyone, or would we pay your company to do that?

Thank you for answering my questions and for your time

(Aizan Fahri) #2

You can pay Discourse to set it up for you. Head to this page: We wrote Discourse, and we can host it for you, too.


You set up Discourse by following the official docker instruction guide.

You just need a guy that is a bit knowledgeable with Linux servers I guess and someone who creates your logo if you don’t have one. Even non-designers can come up with good color themes.

Same as above

Discourse is set up in one hour, basically. Unless you’re doing some strange things or have to mess with the sun certificate etc.

Check out the how to category here :smile:

Look at the marketplace category to see some offers by people that can set up Discourse for you. The Discourse devs themselves can also set it up for you if you so desire, but it may be a bit pricey.