Set up Slack notifications using the discourse-chat-integration plugin


Thanks for the link.

As I understand, all notifications will be fired using one discourse user. For me that’s a bit rigid. Ideally I need different users for different channels. Our discourse will serve company wide purposes, andalso support projects, which are kind of private.

But, as a workaround / simple solution I can live with a setup, where there are implicit rules like: mute all categories, which are not public. That way if I create a new category for a new project, posts from that new category won’t appear in the company wide channel.

(Pooja) #43

Yes, the issue was related to the SSL certificate. It has been solved. Thanks for the immediate help :slight_smile:
Another big thing is, I am embedding the discourse subdomain into our react product. Whenever a user clicks on slack notification of topic/post creation , our intended goal is to redirect user to our product’s domain, instead of discourse subdomain. I am not able to set this redirection. Kindly suggest any way.