Set up Slack notifications using the discourse-chat-integration plugin

Thanks for the link.

As I understand, all notifications will be fired using one discourse user. For me that’s a bit rigid. Ideally I need different users for different channels. Our discourse will serve company wide purposes, andalso support projects, which are kind of private.

But, as a workaround / simple solution I can live with a setup, where there are implicit rules like: mute all categories, which are not public. That way if I create a new category for a new project, posts from that new category won’t appear in the company wide channel.

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Yes, the issue was related to the SSL certificate. It has been solved. Thanks for the immediate help :slight_smile:
Another big thing is, I am embedding the discourse subdomain into our react product. Whenever a user clicks on slack notification of topic/post creation , our intended goal is to redirect user to our product’s domain, instead of discourse subdomain. I am not able to set this redirection. Kindly suggest any way.

I created the slack app as per the instructions. The issue I’m having is that other users want to add notifications to private channels I don’t have access to.
Is there a way to notify private slack channels that the creator of the slack app doesn’t have access too?
Or how can other users grant permissions to the app?

Also if I understand correctly, those slack app tokens that are entered into the Discourse’s plugin configuration allow access to my private channels, correct? This might be undesirable since any Discourse admin can see those tokens in the settings section. Would be good to warn about that, or remove from the instructions the groups:history and im:history grants.

Our makerforums discourse is intended to bring together a lot of related but separate communities. These communities are organized in our discourse by category or sub-category. Some of these communities have their own slack spaces.

At least one community, associated with a sub-category, would like slack integration, but as far as I can tell, there can be only one for the whole discourse.

Am I missing something?

Unfortunately you can only have one slack community connected at the moment. It would be nice to allow multiple connections per-provider in the future.


Thanks for confirming. It looks like it would be substantial work to move to installing arbitrarily many chat integrations, especially to do so without backward compatibility problems.

For anyone else with this problem: As an alternative we are exploring for one-way notification in slack that posts have been made in discourse, we realized that it makes sense to take advantage of Discourse’s RSS support and hook up the slack RSS app:


For the next person who sees this: I saw 422 No Record in the slack integration when trying to send a test message from the admin interface in my discourse.

The logs (https://mydiscourse/logs) showed the real error, which was in my case "{\"ok\":false,\"error\":\"channel_not_found\"}"}

The reason was that /discourse watch in a private channel of the Staff category showed up with a slack channel name like #private instead of the actual channel name, so I had to set the correct channel name in the discourse administrative interface to the actual channel name; then it worked.


is it possible to have permanent feeds sync’d between a few channels on slack and discourse using this?

Hi @david, is there a way to configure a one-way integration (Discourse to Slack) using discourse-chat-integration plugin?

I’d like to configure a Slack webhook where messages would be send to, without configuring a new App on Slack.

I followed the instructions from Discourse to Slack (one-way) integration, but didn’t succeed. After enabling the plugin and setting up the webhook URL, I didn’t find any dashboard to proceed with the configuration.

You need to enable the plugin, add the webhook URL, and enable the “slack” provider. The setting is “chat integration slack enabled”. Once you’ve done that, you should see the slack tab in your admin panel (under plugins --> chat integrations).


Thanks @david, I found the option and it is working :smile:


Did anyone ever find a solution to this?


I’ve followed this howto to set up our discourse integration with slack.
When testing the rule i get this error DiscourseChat::ProviderError but without any details, even the browser console does not say much about the error.
Any idea what’s the cause ?


Did you check the admin logs?

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Please give this a try @Nick_Shearer_nsheare @Bas

Unfortunately slack doesn’t give us the user-specified channel name in the slash commands API, so we have to use the ID. (more details in the commit message). If you always use slash commands to manage rules, it will not make any difference.


Very nice! :slight_smile:

I’ll update our staging environment this week and report back!


I’ve been trying to get the slack bot to work with a channel for far too long. Is there some magic I’m missing to allow discourse to post in a public channel? I can get notified directly from discourse but discourse doesn’t seem to be able to post to a channel. I was going to add the incoming webhook to the integration but Discourse tool tip indicates that it’s not recommended. Any help would be very much appreicated

Ok - I found a post on a different forum that showed me a different place logs were. The error was pretty clear - the bot user had to be added into the public channel to post to it. I didn’t expect that to be necessary - but that’s the solution!


Hi guys,

is there a way to add some custom text into incoming messages in Slack? I was looking for it, but I didn’t find anything.

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Is it possible to make the answers in the thread on the forum sent to the thread under the message in the slack?

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