Set up Telegram integration using the discourse-chat-integration plugin

Yes I’m also experiencing this too. It will react to join/leave/pin events and I did make sure "Group Privacy is enabled.

Any updates on this? Much appreciated. @david

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Hello, We’re experiencing the same problem as well. The group privacy setting is enabled for our bot. However, it keeps sending:

New rule: /[watch|follow|mute] [category] [tag:name]
(you must specify a rule type and at least one category or tag)
- watch – notify this channel for new topics and new replies
- follow – notify this channel for new topics
- mute – block notifications to this channel

Remove rule: /remove [rule number]
([rule number] can be found by running /status)

List rules: /status

Help: /help

Every time someone join or leave, Is there any solution for this?

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