Set up Telegram integration using the discourse-chat-integration plugin

Yes I’m also experiencing this too. It will react to join/leave/pin events and I did make sure "Group Privacy is enabled.

Any updates on this? Much appreciated. @david

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Hello, We’re experiencing the same problem as well. The group privacy setting is enabled for our bot. However, it keeps sending:

New rule: /[watch|follow|mute] [category] [tag:name]
(you must specify a rule type and at least one category or tag)
- watch – notify this channel for new topics and new replies
- follow – notify this channel for new topics
- mute – block notifications to this channel

Remove rule: /remove [rule number]
([rule number] can be found by running /status)

List rules: /status

Help: /help

Every time someone join or leave, Is there any solution for this?

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Currently, the solution is to create a channel and set the bot to broadcast to that channel. Then link that channel with the group chat.

Although, I’d prefer a cleaner solution.


I’m having the same issue regarding the bot reacting to pin/join/leave events and posting the help message.

It also reacts to users (any user) tagging it or replying to its posts by re-posting the Chat ID.

There is also the fact that it tags Telegram users with a ‘@’, but using their Discourse username. These often don’t match. In my opinion it should mention the user name, but without using the @ symbol.

Given that I broadcast different filters to multiple telegram chats, the workaround of using a channel is not doable for me.

Is there someone working on this plugin that could take care of these issues? @david – sorry to annoy you, but maybe you can answer this question.

I am willing to spend some time and attempt to sift through the code, but I’m not very familiar with Ruby on Rails and that would take time to adjust.


getting an error 422 when testing it on groups or chanels.

the bot works perfectly on private chat with the bot itself. so the API is fine.

I noticed telegram gives you 10 digit chat ID for personal chats and 13 digits chat ID for groups or channels. this is the only difference i see.

anyone found a way to solve this ?

We’ve made the necessary changes and tested it for a number of days in multiple Telegram chats.

We took the liberty of creating a pull request:


Thank you for this plugin it sounds great.
I have installed it for telegram and it works, you can get messages when somebody publish in a category or publish in a group.

But I would like to receive system notifications (alerts) for example those that system sends when a backup fails, or when it advices you to upgrade to a new version.
It would be great to have them in telegram instead of email.
How can I achieve that?
Thank you.

I think you need this plugin instead:

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Thank you but reading the info it seemed that the other plugin is user oriented and thought to let users interact with discourse threads using telegram, receive answers to their posts, give likes and so.

I just want to receive discourse notifications to mods and admins in telegram, notifications when something goes wrong.
That is the most important for us. May be we implement the other funcionality in the future, but I prefer testing it with admin and mods messages.

In this plugin there is the option to send group notifications to telegram
I had thought that was what we needed.

But when I select group notification in channel rules, I just see some groups of users we have created.
In the list there is no system groups like admins, mods, staff, confidence level one, ando so.

@david I am trying to use your plugin to redirect messages thar are sent administrator and mods groups to corresponding telegram chat groups.
I have created the bot and included it in the chat groups and it works, the bot sends test messages.
The problem is that when i create the rule and try to select message group as the origin, in the list of grpups it only shows groups created by us, none of the system groups like admins, mods, staff or confidence level.
How can I solve this?
Thank in advance.

@david Thanks for the plugin. It works like a charm!

I’m not a developer guy, but it will possible to insert the url of the post in the notifications. I would like to use this plugin as announcement of the new topics only, but it’ll be great if the link appears in the (telegram) notification, for example.


You can customize the message templates by searching for “telegram” in the text customization section of the admin panel


Hello David Taylor! I have a problem with “chat integration telegram enabled”. When I click enable and disable the bot, everything works. But when I insert the bot and turn on the checkbox, it turns off.

Screen Recording 2022-04-29 at 2.40.47 - Google Drive - my record video of this case here. What should I do? Thank you

The telegram method will be auto-disabled if Discourse fails to set up the integration with Telegram. When this happens, an error message should be printed in the logs. Please can you try visiting /logs on your forum and see if there are any telegram-related red error messages?


David Taylor Of course, you can see latest logs on this screenshot. I didn`t get errors =(

But I`m not sure about Error Logs. Is it OK?

P.S. David Taylor if i use “” it works but when i try to make test message i get 505 err

Maybe this errs from console can help

I received 500 error too, however, in my case, everything is ok with HTTPS.

I have working telegram integration and I am looking to send notification to telegram from discourse for scheduled posts. I am not sure its bug or just me, for some reason its not working. any one have idea how to correct this? Mucha appreciated.

Thank you

I’ve gotten everything working through step 3 of “adding a channel”

However when I go to plugins > chat integrations and click, nothing happens:

The URL in my browser changes to ../admin/plugins/chat-integration/telegram but nothing in the UI changes

Could it be a problem that I’m using the discourse hosting free trial?