Require approval for specific categories?

Hi - is it possible to require approval for all new topics and replies in certain categories?

Thanks so much in advance!

Yes, all categories include a setting to require moderator approval for new topics and new replies.



Thanks for the speedy reply!
I’m not seeing that option in any of the Settings areas for categories…
Should it be in the ‘Security’ tab?

It’s in the Settings tab under Moderation.

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OK, gotcha - if there is no ‘Moderation’ section of the ‘Settings’ tab, could that be due to not running the most current version of Discourse?


Thank you!!!

Which version are you using if you look at /admin ?

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That’s troubling to see ‘unknown’ there like that, how was the instance installed?

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TBH, I don’t know - ENG team that installed Discourse initially are no longer w/ us and I am NOT an engineer :upside_down_face:

If I were to ask eng team to update platform would that help w/ this?

I honestly don’t know how big of an ask that is…

I can’t say for sure, there’s only one install method that we support here, I’ve not seen an unknown version returned with a supportable install. It’s possible you’re using a third-party package which means we’re going to be unable to help you.

Whatever you do I would recommend having a staging copy upgraded first, with no idea which version you’re upgrading from and other plugins you’re running there are just too many unknowns.

OK - thanks so much, Stephen; I’ll share this with my team.
Really appreciate the help!