Setting all users to watch a category

Hi there - I know there is a feature for defaulting all new users to watch a category. But is there yet a feature for applying this to all existing users?

There is a plugin for this:


Or you can do it via command line


The plugin recommended requires modifying the code to configure it. If you’d like for me to install and configure it for you let me know. I’ll need to know which group should be forced to watch which category.

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Thanks, Jay, I’ll get in touch. It would be all users. Going forward I’ve set the feature for all new users to watch one general news category. But I need to set this for all the users who signed up before I made this setting.

We can configure it to make TL0 watch the category. It can be configured to re-set the watching periodically. Whether it’s a Really Bad Thing to force people to get email is something you’ll need to consider.

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I think it depends on context. In many ‘normal’ open user forum contexts this can be seen as a Really Bad Thing. But in our context (a paid membership organization) it is a Really Good Thing.

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