Setting checkbox state for custom User Fields on sign up


I am looking at adding some custom user fields to the signup forum on our forum. I’d like to add a checkbox, and I’d like it checked unless the user unchecks it. This is set up as a user field of type ‘Confirmation’.

I see the div is

<div id="ember1331" class="ember-view user-field confirm"><div class="controls">

I know I can use jQuery to hack something together to check it, but I think it would be a great feature to be able to configure this under Customize -> User Fields.




I agree with this. A custom field checkbox to opt-out at sign-up would be preferable.


I tried with Javascript, but I’m not a web dev, and the div ID seems to change unpredictably. I’ll hack at Discourse when I get some free time to see if there’s a better way to achieve this.

I want to avoid carrying a downstream patch however


Is there any progress on it?
I am also facing the same problem of default unchecked custom field checkbox at user preferences.

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