Setting: enable experimental topic timeline groups

I saw this experimental feature and enabled it for staff, but nothing seems to change, is there more info about this setting?

enable experimental topic timeline groups

Searching gave me zero hits :thinking:

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After a little investigation, it seems that the topic timeline was originally built with widgets, and enable experimental topic timeline groups switches it to glimmer components:

Any groups added to that setting will get the new version to test out.

I think it’s very experimental at the minute, so may not be something you want to make widely available on a live site.


Yeah it’s entirely a “behind-the-scenes” change - no new features. If you didn’t notice any change after enabling it for staff, then it means it’s working well :tada:

The new implementation will eventually become the default, but there are a few outstanding things to resolve, particularly around theme/plugin customisation of the timeline.


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