Setting posts/topics for approval?

Hello, I am looking into fixing this issue. I am a new user at Discourse.

I am trying to reproduce this locally but cannot see the Approve Post/Reject Post/Delete User in the Post ? Do I’ve to create a Post as a Regular User within some time limit to see this ? Or is there some other config I’ve to do to allow moderators to Approve/Reject Posts ?

Any docs I can refer to understand the feature will also help. I am still grasping Discourse terminologies.

Thank you for your help :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello and welcome @snyder91 :slight_smile:

I’m not sure that you’re experiencing the same bug as this topic is about. It sounds like you’re looking for how to set up sending posts/topics to the Review Queue for approval?

Let me know if this is the case and we’ll slide your query over to a new #support topic and get you some answers. :+1:

Hey @JammyDodger, Yes that’s correct. I don’t know how to set up sending posts/topics to the Review Queue for approval on my local. I’ve setup discourse locally. I am able to create new Topic and Reply posts on them.

Please move my query to #support topic or if I can help with that. Thank you for the help :nerd_face:

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No worries. :slight_smile:

There are a couple of options that allow you to set up approving posts. I think the main ones are:

  • All posts, using the review every post admin setting

  • By Trust Level, using the approve unless trust level and approve new topics unless trust level admin settings

  • By category, using the Require moderator approval options in the category settings page:


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