Giving certain users permission to post without moderator approval

I intend to ask a moderation related query about a Discourse-powered
forum that I am managing. In the current setup,
I have adopted the moderation policy of manually approving each account
and every posts. I am doing this to prevent against the forum to be attacked
by trolls. I am quite content with the current setup although am
looking for a way to improve the moderation queue. I would like to
remove the moderation flag for trusted contributors, so they don’t need
any moderation approval to create new topics or reply to other users. Is
there a good and recommended way to do so?

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You are able to achieve this by making it so that once a user reaches TLx their posts or topics don’t need to be approved. Search approve in the forum settings.



Discourse had built in tools to protect against that. Have you had trouble? If so, you can modify the trust level settings to limit who can get promoted.


Thank you to both!

I have resorted to this solution for now but here’s some questions (and issues I am running into) :

  1. I have a particular category which is simply a mirror of a mailman mailing list. Earlier I didn’t have to approve this post additionally on the forum but after changing the trust level settings, I am having to manually approve each and every message from these ‘staged accounts’ (user who post on the mailing list but don’t have a forum account). Is there a good way to change this behavior?

  2. Apart from the trust level setting, I also have these settings per Category:
    Require moderator approval of all new topics
    Require moderator approval of all new replies

Hence, I am still having to approve everything. I guess, I will have to uncheck these, but can it have any unintended consequences?

Thanks again for the help. Much appreciated :slight_smile:

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I am afraid it’s not really a Discourse specific issue. For instance, some people would sign up with throwaway email accounts just to post spam; manually approving accounts has been of great help in this regard.

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You can also use akismet if you’re not already.