Setting up a cluster?

(Yanosz) #1

Hei folks,

I’d like to setup a cluster (two nodes running discourse) for high availibitly and load balancing.
How do setup such a cluster?


(Jeff Atwood) #2

See the install docs at discourse/ at master · discourse/discourse · GitHub which cover the advanced install. Basically you deploy multiple containers in the web role talking to a database container.

(Yanosz) #3


thanks for your feedback. I read the manual before, but some thinks are not clear to me, yet :-/

  • If each cluster-node is running its own database - how are they supposed to be synched? Using Message Queuing, Postgres-Clustering or else?
  • What is the reason for using Docker here? How does the App-environment interactv with my Host System? How is resonsible for patching requirements?

Thanks, yanosz

(zh99998) #4

Should I setup one shared redis for all web nodes, or setup multiply redis for each node separately ?

(Matt Palmer) #5

You need one central Redis. Redis isn’t (just) used as a cache for Discourse; it also acts as a message broker for all the MessageBus traffic, so if you had one Redis per node, things would get… weird. And broken.