Do I need multiple containers for a robust Discourse install?

Hello Discourse members :smirk:

I’m a new guy who wants to make a small francophone community.
Perhaps some people will answer me.

What would be the purpose of having multiple containers ? (I’m new to Docker)
That means that I can have 5 containers with 5 different public ip but only 1 forum “Discourse” ? The 5 containers they will be synchronized ? Is it a kind of load balancing ?

If I am wrong, what can you recommend for a suitable and robust architecture ?

Enjoy the rest of weekend :sunny:

If you have a small community you do not need multiple containers, a single container running web, database, redis will work fine – and that is what our default install guide covers.

Yes codinghorror,
who knows, maybe membership could grow.
Someone could tell me about multiple containers please ?

Cross that bridge when you get there :wink: