Setting up Discourse

Hi all! I hope you’re doing good, I’m a newbie to all of this
I’m stuck on connecting these three mailgun, with my domain and with the digital ocean

-I have my Mailgun account
-Domain (also have professional email and I want to send emails from this one )
-Digital Ocean Account

So What I have to do

Hi @Zackie
Welcome to Discourse Meta.

The next logical step would be to follow this install guide:

discourse/ at main · discourse/discourse · GitHub

I hope it helps.

I am getting an error while installing discourse

port 443 of computer does not appear to be accessible using hostname:

but A connection to port 80 succeeds!
This means DNS settings are correct!

What should I do now ?

Is there a firewall blocking comms on port 443?

You can check the DigitalOcean firewall and your VPS’ firewall to see if that’s the case

How do I check that? :smile:

I also talked with the domain company and they told me to wait as it can take 24-48 hours to propagate properly. Maybe It will fix the issue

I think it’s easier to install discourse on a subdomain, so (or, etc) rather than the root of ‘’.

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but I want to install it on the main domain

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How do I delete the configuration file containers/app.yml already exists!
and install again ??

You can just run setup again

Thanks… I’ve done the setup but my website it was fine but after 20-30 mins it showing this

That may be a letsencrypt issue. I found this tip quite useful to certify both www and non-www:

but I have done a standard install recently and it shows https

also I’m not using multiple domain or sub domain … It’s on my main domain

The box says it’s not secure?

To amend your app.yml:

cd /var/discourse
nano containers/app.yml

Then use the arrow keys to navigate to the right section, and follow the instructions in the quoted post above.

If it doesn’t work, you can edit it out of your app.yml afterwards, and we can try something else. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for the help MAn … problem was something else … I had an “A” record in my dns which was forwarding to “parked domain” and that why it was giving this error.

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No worries. :slightly_smiling_face: Glad you got it working. :+1:

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