Setting Up Mail


I’m in the process of setting up Discourse with digital ocean. Everything is good, but I’m having trouble with the mail services. I have a .ca domain name and MailGun doesn’t accept that. If you know any good mailing services, please tell me, thanks.

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Hi there. Welcome.

You can try any of these:

I’m testing Mailjet and is working very good for the moment. You can chose domains or accounts, their have a free plan that covers the basis (and more that another providers offers).

If you want to recieve mails, you can check that: Direct-delivery incoming email for self-hosted sites or try with another provider because Mailjet don’t work as reciever.


That’s not true. I just created one.

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It says that .ca invalid for me

Did you try to create an actual domain? I just created

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My domain name is (Not hosted yet though)

Mailgun definitely works with .ca, I have several setup there. I can’t help you unfortunately, but thought I would chime in to confirm it does work.


Is it possible that some other account has registered that domain on mailgun? That’s the only explanation I can think of.

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I don’t know, I’ve bought the domain name and fully own it.

Raise a support ticket with mailgun. Only they can explain why their system isn’t taking your domain.


Ok Thank You, I’ll do that