Setup CNAME with my custom domain for my Discourse site

I want my CNAME to be forums and my site IP is How would I do this? Is there a special domain I need to point to? Because pointing to the IP isn’t working for me.

You have with ip

You want it to host your forum on that server so now your CNAME will be: CNAME

I.e. you say point forum to server. Server points to the IP.

I did this a few minutes ago.
Still not working. :frowning:

I guess dns setup is off topic on this forum.

But the server ip should not be on the cname section. But somewhere else on your panel?

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So I make an A record with the IP?

EDIT: This is correct. Solved. :slight_smile:


Yes, that’s correct.

You could mark solution in this thread if you wanted to?

Done, sorry. Didn’t know that was a thing ahaha

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