Setup CNAME with my custom domain for my Discourse site


I want my CNAME to be forums and my site IP is How would I do this? Is there a special domain I need to point to? Because pointing to the IP isn’t working for me.

Discourse is only accessible by IP address
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You have with ip

You want it to host your forum on that server so now your CNAME will be: CNAME

I.e. you say point forum to server. Server points to the IP.


I did this a few minutes ago.
Still not working. :frowning:

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I guess dns setup is off topic on this forum.

But the server ip should not be on the cname section. But somewhere else on your panel?

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So I make an A record with the IP?

EDIT: This is correct. Solved. :slight_smile:

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Yes, that’s correct.

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You could mark solution in this thread if you wanted to?


Done, sorry. Didn’t know that was a thing ahaha

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