Setup wizard text customizations

Some elements in the setup wizard cannot be customized and always stick to their default text.

I have added an asterisk to every text used in the first page of the wizard.

Those changes are reflected in the two texts in the top but are not reflected in the progress meter and next / maybe later buttons.

This also applies to the “Next” button in the custom wizard plugin which (re)uses that translation key.
I found a previous similar discussion about that here Custom Wizard Plugin 🧙 - #661 by angus

I can repro this on a brand new instance on tests-passed without the custom wizard plugin so it’s a core thing.


I wanted to confirm that I’m seeing this behavior as well.

Edited Text:

Setup Wizard:

Looks like the exact same thing happen here, where the “Next”, “Maybe Later”, and “X of X” step progress text isn’t getting overridden.

I tried using different replacement text besides the asterisks as well, and the text still wasn’t getting overridden, so this seems to be happening regardless of what the replacement text actually is.

Using the default setup wizard, no custom wizard plugin.
Discourse Version - 2.9.0.beta3 and Google Chrome Version 99.0.4844.84 as the internet browser

Hopefully this information helps resolve this issue.