Customized text does not display in interface


I’m changing some texts in the interface. My Discourse community is in US English.

Some texts are effectively changed in the UI… but not others. I can’t understand why?

Here are some screenshots:

1- The new text is saved in the Admin interface:

2- but it does not display even in admin view?

Then no surprise it doesn’t display in the user UI either.

It works for some texts but not for others.

Do you have any clue what I’ve done wrong?


Hi @jserre :wave:

hmmm, I just tested the same replacement and it worked:

text replacement:




I know sometimes it takes a few minutes for some replacements to take, I think on larger forums perhaps. For some settings, I’ve had to wait a bit then do a page refresh in the browser (for example, it seems to to take a bit longer on a hosted forum than on my local dev instance, where the change is instantaneous). :thinking:

Incidentally, if you haven’t seen this already, and for others who might not be aware, there are verbose settings which can help one find translations keys for which text to replace in the admin text replacement console.


Thank you so much for your reply.

You are absolutely right, it was just a matter of… waiting! :slight_smile:

I was puzzled, bc other text changes I had made were instantly visible in the UI, whereas for others it finally took more than 20 minutes!

Problem solved.

BTW the verbose feature is gorgeous!


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