Several issues while setting up Discourse

Hey Guys,

Love and appreciate the community here.
I setup discourse and registered as an admin using my mail ID
Ok now the question:

  1. I am now unable to check discourse in the sub domain , it takes me to empty bin folder cgi/bin etc
  2. i just have one browser in which it allows me to access our discourse setup instance, no other system or browser allows me to get into the subdomain
  3. Any email sent for moderator role, we dont receive it and we get Error 404 if we try to use the link we were invited


Technically, none of those are questions…

  1. It sounds like your webserver is misconfigured. How is it all setup? What procedure(s) did you follow to arrive at the setup you currently have?
  2. What browser is working? What error(s) do the others show?
  3. What is the URL that is 404ing? What do all of the relevant logs have to say about how the request was processed?

Maybe you have the same problem as here?

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Thanks for the info although my Problem was not described accurately

Wait, did that solve your problem? If not, you should probably un-accept my answer and reply to the questions @mpalmer posed. (In addition, posting the URL of your instance can help us to debug this.)