Several newby questions

We’re using the ‘free for OS projects’ option so our installation went flawlessly:

I’m looking at the numerous configuration settings and am not sure how to use some of them.
Here are my questions:

1 AdSense ads
My AdSense code is:


I assume I need to put 2511469677990959 as my adsense publisher code.
I put 7435105883 as my adsense topic list top code. When I go to a page I see some transparent space but no add and the console gives a 403 error on
How to resolve this?
I have 7 more textboxes for codes.
What codes? What do I need to put here?

2 GitHub integration
We have two repos:


I added these two repos to github linkback projects. Is this correct and what does it do?
I created a token and set it as github linkback access token. Is this correct and what does it do?
I enabled the Github badges. Which repo should I set at github badges repo and what does it do?
What happens when I enable Github permalink overwrites?

Sorry for all the questions but I want to use this great forum to its full potential.



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Hey Paul :wave: – First of all, have you been following these setup steps?
Please do, and let us know what step you’re getting stuck on.


Thanks for the suggestion and sorry for my late reply.

I did follow the setup steps, and now I’m struggling with the settings in Google Adsense.
I need to add a site. When I try to add ‘’ I get a warning that I can only add ‘’. When I add that url and add ‘’ as a subdomain, I get an error saying ‘’ doesn’t have the ad-code.

I’m in a loop right now and don’t understand how to get out.
I am right I need to add the site, right? Or would it work without?

Can/should I do something else?