Share Link Shortener

On iOS the post share uses the operating system’s share modal, and the topic share uses the Discourse modal. I’m not 100% sure the reason, but I think it is because the topic share has the invite button as well and we don’t want to lose that?

The JS error is unrelated, I’ll have a fix in soon (fixed in FIX: check is post exists (#2) · discourse/discourse-share-link-shortener@3d31c99 · GitHub).


How’s androids, windows etc? The main reason for my curiosity is I’m writing helps for my users :wink:

Android and iOS should use the native share features when the share button is clicked on a post: Introducing the Web Share API | Web | Google Developers — desktop browser support for this is still weak, so it’s only a mobile feature.


Hi is there anyway to support the share icons to have the shortened url upon click?