Share topic between multiple categories

Hi, Im using discourse as a learning platform. I have different departments like A, B and C and they have their specific categories along with sub-categories, I have one common category for all 3 but I want to share a topic between A and B without merging A+B to create a new category. How is it possible

Topics can only belong to one category/subcategory. Have you considered using Tags?


I used same tag in 2 different categories for users in A and for users in B for a topic for it was unaccessible outside of the category it was in

Are the categories restricted to specific groups of users? If so, you could create a separate, open, category that can then contain shared resources.

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Yes categories are restricted to groups

To ‘share’ a topic between the two it would have to be placed somewhere that both groups had permission to view it.

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Unless there is a reason why C must not be able to see the topic in question, I think I would just move the topic to your one common category. It might just be noise for people in C but creating more restrictive categories (e.g. for A+B) and educating your users on their use would quickly grow in complexity.

A, B and C has A+B, A+C and B+C. Add D and you add A+D, B+D, C+D, A+B+C and so on.

You could create tags like for-A, for-B, etc. so that when you move a topic like this to your common category, users can identify at a glance whether or not it is relevant to them.


Ok so i remove restriction and create a miscellaneous category will access to each group and tag topics based on the departmenet needs. Thanks

You don’t necessarily need to remove the restrictions on the existing categories. If it is desirable to have a place for A-only discussions, you can still have that.

If a topic is created in one of those private categories and you later want to make it available to other departments, you can then simply move the topic to that miscellaneous category and tag as appropriate.