Sharing profile information to email users

Our Discourse instance is a private network of ~3k people that we migrated from a giant (unwieldy) Google Group. Because of the Google Groups legacy, we have a lot of users that interact only via email.

Right now there’s custom information that’s available to users via the profile card on the web (in our case, specific links back to that individuals profile page on our main app), but that’s unavailable to email users without clicking through to the website. Not surprisingly, no users do that.

Is there a way to inject a user’s profile data into the email message that’s sent to mailing list mode users for topics/posts they create? In a way, this is like an email signature, but instead of the signature being user configurable, it’s automatic and only injected into emails.

I assume we’ll have to create our own plugin to do this. But are there some easy hooks to do this in the email creation flow?

There is already a signatures plugin, but you want one that only affects email?


@codinghorror sounds like @jedc768 wants to customize the email reply template so that below the message, he can place some info about the user that had been defined in the user profile. I assume things like location, web url, etc. not sure what fields they are thinking. I could see how that could provide some nice context on who is responding to you.