Sharing tags between WordPress posts and their Discourse topics

A feature request for the WordPress Discourse plugin:

Unless I have missed something (and I searched), currently there is no relation between the tags used in a WordPress post and the tags of the Discourse topic created automatically.

Wouldn’t it be nice to see the tags of a WP post replicated in its related Discourse topic? For this, existing tags would be used when available, otherwise new tags would be created on the fly.

Discourse has a limit of 5 tags (?) that WordPress does not have. That’s fine. If the WP post has more than 5 topics, Discourse would only take five. Any five would be ok.

If more precision is needed to choose the 5 tags, these criteria could be applied:

  • Existing tags win over new tags.
  • If there are still more than 5 candidates, then alphabetical sorting would be applied.

For me, adding tags on the fly is overkill. Maintaining consistency in tag usage between WP and Discourse would help keep things organized.

Perhaps @simon can weigh in on adding tag support to WP Discourse. WP Discourse 1.4.0 Release

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I also think carrying the tags over to Discourse makes a lot of sense.

Agreed. I’d love to see the plugin be able to convert WP tags into Discourse Tags. It seems like a very intuitive thing.

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