Tag posts that are published from WordPress to Discourse

Posts can now be tagged when they are published with the WP Discourse plugin. To tag a post, click on the Discourse meta box Advanced Options link to expand the meta box. Add tags to the Tag input, either one at a time, or as a comma separated list.

Any spaces in tag names will be converted to hyphens. The maximum number of tags is set by the ‘Maximum Number of Tags’ option found on the Publishing Settings tab. The maximum number of tags will default to 5 if the setting is left empty. Tags that are not allowed on Discourse due to Site Setting or category restrictions will be omitted when the post is published to Discourse.


Is there a way to hook into this to prepopulate specific custom post types with specific tags?

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The WP DIscourse plugin doesn’t have a hook that can be used to automatically add tags to a post before it gets published to Discourse. I’ll add a hook for that can be used for this and let you know when that has been done.


Sorry to bump such a old post but did this get added? i’ve tried looking through the source code but couldn’t find anything.


We haven’t yet added that hook. I’ll add it into the next release :+1:


It’s been 2 years :open_mouth: it should have been added ages ago :laughing:

Nah just kidding, thanks in advance :slight_smile: :+1:

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Hey, i see a new release has been created, was this added?

No, that release concerned another, specific, issue. I’ll make sure it’s in the next one.

You can use the wpc_publish_body filter to achieve this, e.g.

add_filter(  'wpdc_publish_body', function( $body, $remote_post_type, $post_id ) {
   if ( 'create_post' === $remote_post_type ) {
      $body['tags'] = array( 'tag1', 'tag2' );
   return $body;
}, 10, 3);

2.4.5 adds post_id as a param to the filter to make the specific case of adding tags to posts of certain types easier.