Shift+S - Lose all edits to wiki


  1. Open a wiki page for editing.
  2. Make some edits.
  3. Put an upper case ‘S’ anywhere
  4. The Share dialog will open (picture attached).
  5. Dismiss the dialog by clicking the X


  1. All edits made to the wiki are lost.


  1. Shift + S should not result in losing my edits.

Note: upon further investigation, this seems to only happen when typing the first character into a cell. For example, “My Show Stopper” will not trigger the dialog. “Showstopper” will.


Hi @craigrow :slight_smile:

Are you using the table-builder, by any chance? If so, I think I have a repro of what you’re seeing.

  • Open table in edit mode
  • Enter cell
  • Use Shift + s to enter a capital S

  • Share modal opens instead and closes table builder edit, losing any changes

I think the keyboard shortcut is being over-eager there. Let me see if I can get someone to take a look. :+1:

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Yes, that is correct. I click this edit button here.


Thanks for submitting this issue @craigrow, this should now be resolved :tada:


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