Short promo/ad video I made to promote our discourse forums

(James Mc Mahon) #1

Thought I might share this It’s a bit rough around the edges but seems to be working. The idea was to show the modern, look and feel of Discourse and naturally communicate that forums are not dead.

I’m actually running it as a Facebook ad right now. Small spend, $25. When people tap the video, the forums appear underneath.

Has anyone else made a promo video like this? I think it would be cool to make something based around the “most loved” features amongst discourse communities.


Excellent idea! We’re creating some short videos ourselves but they are based more around functionality than most loved features. I’d love to see what people come up with here. If they’re great we’ll share them on our Twitter.

(James Mc Mahon) #3

Cool. Looking forward to seeing those. Do you have a timeline yet?


Here are the 3 that @erlend_sh has already made. The rest lie with me and I’m too scared to commit to a timeline.

Discourse Basics

Trust Levels

Discourse Styling

Step by Step video guide to discourse