Should expect website URLs to be in lowercase

Website URLs all start with lowercase “https” these days, so I don’t know why the software made my keyboard switch to uppercase when entering this profile settings field. Same on the Meta site.

(Yes, I know. It’s not the end of the world. I can still just tap my keyboard and make it lowercase.)

Hmmm…, you might as well pre-fill in the https:// in for the user.


Quite common issue nowadays. I can be wrong, but it comes from phone/operating system that wants start texts with capital letter and that is marked as textfield.


But still you have finer grain control with you can exercise through the style sheets.

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Style sheets are only going to force how text is displayed. You definitely don’t want to hide capital letters here (as that would be counter-productive).

Agree that this could be improved by putting https:// in front of the text box and forcing lowercase commit.


Not with CSS, but we could improve it a little bit changing the input from type="text" to type="url" or enforcing a non-capitalization with autocapitalize="off".


<input type="url"> will also change the keyboard on most phones to something convenient for URL input.

(@renato beat me to this in 0.5 seconds ;))


Question for the experts: a case where this behavior is often unwanted from me is when I do a fast edit on a smartphone.

Most of the time, the text I’m editing doesn’t start with an uppercase letter, and if I delete all the content from the fast edit field to re-write it (like, changing a word for another one), the keyboard layout will automatically turn the uppercase ON for the first letter about to be typed.

I suppose this can’t be avoided?

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