Should I set up a masked redirect to my Disclosure VPS? Is there an alternative?


First of all, I should preface this with the fact that I am a newby when it comes to SSH and VPSs. That said, I have managed to get a Disclosure instance up and running on a OVH VPS over the course of the afternoon (including the e-mail sending! yay me!).

My question is how best to integrate the forum with my existing site? My website is hosted by Webflow, and therefore I have limited ability to edit or modify the native files. The domain where the website resides is managed by Hover (with a simple ‘A’ record map to the Webflow DNS. All working fine so far.

The issue, and resulting question, arises from how best to integrate the Disclosure forum, hosted on a VPS (with an obscure IP address), into that website?

Ideally, I’d want my visitors to be able to access the forum through ‘’, and (I think) I can accomplish this through a masked forward within Hover - however, I understand that masked-forwarding is considered SEO-unfriendly, and feels like a bit of a fudge? Is there a better alternative?

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #2

You should have an A DNS entry pointing to your webflow DNS site.

Add another A entry on pointing to the OVH IP.


Of course! That was an (almost annoyingly) easy fix!

Thanks a bunch.