Best way to redirect to

Not sure if proper category, but I need some help/support with this.

So, I self-host my forums on a VPS. I have my own domain name. I use an A record already so that points to my VPS’ IP. The forums page I want to use is so I would like when people visit it will just take them to the forums page I want automatically as quick as possible.

What is the best approach here? Wasn’t sure if I should do some DNS stuff with A or CNAME records, somehow maybe move to just somehow be now, etc.

@Lilly Would it be possible to move the forums entirely to the base domain name? So that would just be the forums?

Also, I already have an A record that points to my VPS’ IP, where the forums are hosted. So do I now forward my base domain’s URL to that IP or keep it as I’d mostly likely just CNAME my to the A record of, right?

Is this correctly done? I want to forward to

    - replace:
        filename: /etc/nginx/nginx.conf
        from: /sendfile.+on;/
        to: |
          server_names_hash_bucket_size 64;
          sendfile on;
    - file:
        path: /etc/nginx/conf.d/forumsredirect.conf
        contents: |
          server {
            listen 80;
            return 301 $scheme://$request_uri;