Should there be a Review button for the sidebar?


Tonight I was thinking of adding a Review button to the sidebar, because it replaces the hamburger menu which is extremely annoying.

I was about to make a PR with the file edit, but then I remembered that I should probably get a green light first, or some community approval.

What do you think? Would this benefit you, and would you like to see this on the sidebar?

It would look a little bit like this with my preview I made

We will get there, stuff is in flux at the moment, bear with us.


Alright. If you want it, I have code and a PR on standby, I was just waiting for something before opening it :slight_smile:

Unfortunately it will not help.

@awesomerobot and @tgxworld are in the midst of figuring out how the old “humberger” links fit into the sidebar world (eg: groups/ badges etc. etc.) once we sort that out we will probably sort this.

Additionally @Osama is part way making the notification menu refactor which pulls the review queue flags into standard notification flow, so it may be handled there.

We just need a bit of time to sort stuff out here. Not quite ready to take feedback yet on the new sidebar, too much is in flux.