Can I enable the sidebar?


This might be a dumb question, but can I enable the sidebar yet?
I know it’s being worked on, and I am seeing a bunch of commits for it.

I would love to have this on my site, how can I enable it? And is it like here on Meta?

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Are you refering to this?

Well based on the “very lighting quick” demo, it seems when you click the hamburger, there should be some sort of pin button on the lower right that enables you to enable the sidebar.

Oh, and I see that @tgxworld deleted the hamburger_sidebar branch yesterday, so does that mean the function isn’t there anymore :woman_shrugging: ?

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The sidebar is not done yet. For now It can be enable with hidden settings. But I suggest to enable it only for testing and development purpose. For example, I enabled it on my test site to make our custom theme, components and plugins to sidebar ready.


I have a test site too, how can I enable it?

To enable it

cd /var/discourse
./launcher enter app
rails c

To disable it change the true to false.

After this you can enable the sidebar on the users settings /preferences/sidebar


Waiting for the host for the test site to see it, thanks!

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If anyone wants to test this nice experimental feature, this is now:


I had ran that command a bit ago and in 2.9.0beta8 it was taken away

once these two settings are set, the sidebar is toggled by clicking on the hamburger
(and I think they have to be reset after a rebuild)

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Just note that the sidebar isn’t yet ready for bug reports or feature requests. We’re still working on it quite actively.


hot cookie

hot cookie syndrome :sweat_smile:


These have now been moved into visible settings:



I love it!!! I especially love the Messages section, which is a great way to manage access to our group messages. And it is brilliant that existing Theme Components (e.g. Custom Hamburger Menu Links) work with it.

Are we now at Beta for it?


This is still true.

I’d recommend folks here to hold back until an announcement is made. Thanks!


thanks. Love it @dodesz

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Look forward sidebar will official soon. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I turned it off until a Review button gets added, but I do like it.

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Ah yes - that is rather important, eh? The nice little red alert on the hamburger menu isn’t there yet.

Feature Request

moved to:

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They aren’t taking feature requests for it right now.

I enabled the new user menu which is slightly broken when it comes to flags sadly, so I have to wait unt they open to feedback

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This has been sorted, and flags are well handled. We are enjoying playing with it in our staging site, but haven’t made it live yet.

Really looking forward to the offical move to Beta!

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Is there a review button by now? That’s the only thing we’re waiting for.