Should we discourage the use of 'Social Logins' to improve our users' privacy?



Given we are now operating under GDPR (for anyone who has even one user based in the EU), do you think we should discourage the use of Social Logins (e.g. Facebook, Google), thereby reducing the level of data that would allow anyone to identify the originator of forum activity and therefore improve the privacy of our users?

I personally already encourage my users to be anonymous on one of my sites.

Do you think we should make this mandatory where it is not required for someone to be identifiable on our forums and in doing so, switch off any Social Logins despite their convenience?

(Jeff Atwood) #2

I personally would not recommend it, I think the trade offs are too severe.

(Michael Brown) #3

If this is a concern I would recommend ensuring the local login method is enabled, that will let the user have the choice of the convenience of social login.

(Sam Saffron) #4

I agree with Jeff, but if you are going down this path be sure to enable login via email to decrease risks of less ideal passwords