Show After Header content on landing page only

Hey everybody, I have some after header content I only want to show on the landing page.

Right now I can create content that is specific to all the other subpages using the body class like this:

.showthisdiv {display:block;}
body.subpageclass1 .showthisdiv {display:none;}

This won’t work for the landing page however because the landing page body class name is blank like this:

<body class=""> ...

Does anyone know a way around this? I have been searching for the last day or so, but cannot find it.

The format mentioned works as seen on this fiddle:

Try using body[class=""] as your selector. It should select only the pages where body has an empty class.

Thank’s for the response! Getting closer, however, I just tried it and it didn’t work. Can you show me how it would look in the context of my sample CSS?

On the plus side though, this is how you can create header content specific to a page.

I’m not finding the body class on the homepage to be blank. The classes that are present depend on whether or not there is a logged in user, but either the class navigation-categories or the class navigation-topics should be present.

If your homepage is displaying categories, you may be able to target that page with .navigation-categories. If your homepage is displaying the latest topics, targeting it with CSS may be difficult, because navigation-topics will appear on the latest, top, and unread pages.


I found an article that contained a good solution.

Instead of referring to the " " body class I could easily reference all other body classes instead.

Thanks for the help. I really should write a guide for this and put it in the themes section.


Hey Clark, have you made the guide yet? I’d like to take a look. Thanks!