Make a group visible by user with a other group

Exemple :
master group (visible by himself):

  • group_1 (visible by user from group_1)

so far so good…

And my request is here :
Subgroups :

  • sub_group_1 (only visible by user from group_1)

The objective is that only users of group_1 can mention/view/join user of sub_group_1

It’s not possible actualy ?
if I want to add this functionality, should I modify discourse or make a plugin?

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Make a plugin.

To find the stuff you need to override, you’ll look in the groups_controller.rb and, I think, see about overriding the guardian for what groups can be mentioned.


Thank you :slight_smile:

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  • i see groups_controller.rb. but i dont know how to owerride functions in my plugin…


  • An idea to inject a tab actions in groups manage admin screen ?