Show/hide forums based on the domain? (Shared forum via CNAME)

I’d like to host one forum on one website and use CNAME records to point two other websites to my one hosted forum. Is there any documentation I can read that would help me better understand how to show and hide specific forum groups based on the domain header and the specific ruby/discourse architecture I will need to modify to do so?

Thanks for your help with this. Totally new to discourse and ruby but excited to dig in.


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Discourse enforces one hostname, so this isn’t something that will work out of the box.

You can have a shared forum in a single domain, and control categories visibility using group membership.


Has anyone attempted to do this that you’re aware of? I’d be willing to put in the config time if I had some place to check out some documentation that would begin to help me understand where to start.

The second option may work as well if I can find a way to automatically put someone in group membership based a modified Sign Up link we provide on each specific site maybe?

Thanks for your guidance here.


Since this is an unsupported and unusual configuration there is no documentation.

This is the way to go and our SSO protocol comes with support for it out of the box. You can pass the group membership in the SSO payload. Documentation is Official Single-Sign-On for Discourse (sso)


Thank you for pointing me to this.

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