Show original URLs of broken image embeds

Is there any way to show the link in case of broken images, GIFs and similar?
We imported a bunch of old posts and some use external media that’s hidden behind a login. This mostly comes with two different kinds of broken embeds. First is the “broken link” icon:

Second one is for GIFs that are correctly detected as video but can’t be fetched due to a required login:

In both cases (or really, in any case where an embed fails) I would like to display the actual URL in addition to the broken embed. That way users at least have the chance to go to the site and open the media.

(As a note, we do not want to disable embeds for full domains as not everything there requires a login, it’s only a subset of resources)

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Haven’t found a solution so far. Maybe the only way is a custom theme component? Basically a small JS snippet that would go through the posts html, checks if any images are broken and replaces them with raw links.