Show "solved" in fixed header

Right now the information that a topic is marked as solved is displayed below the first post and below the “Solution” post.

It would be great if this would also be visible in the fixed header of the topic that you see all the time, so you always know the topic you are looking at is already solved.


Sure, I am open to making this an option provided there is a limit to the amount of icons that can show up on top.

Closed + Solved + Bookmarked + Unlisted + Unpinned is too much. As long as we somehow limit it to 2 icons we are fine to push it up there.


OK, I get the concern. (I didn’t think about these other, related cases)

Although I think for most (>95%?) uses I think it would never go >2 icons, I don’t see a reason that would make it unbearable. I actually think having the exact same icons as in the topic list would be very consistent.

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I too have just encountered a need for this. Not necessarily the solved icon to show at the top, just some indicator of the “Solved” status that is at the top/beginning of the topic. This is helpful for really long starting topics. I know by default it jumps to the Solution post (AFAIK), but still it been requested that solved status be made clear at the top. I think perhaps the simplest solution is simply to reflect the status checkbox (checked/unchecked) that is already visible in Topic Lists also next to the Title in a topic. Or at least do so optionally. Alternatively the icons as mentioned above would be fine, but runs into the issue raised by Sam.

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I’m using text [Solved] in the beginning of the header of the topic — old school, I know.

But sure, that needs manual labor and is far away the easiest solution in busy forums.

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