Category calendar not displaying (reopen)

I cant add categories to the “calendar categories” setting:

A click on the plus button only shows a stop sign …

This was already discussed at Category calendar not displaying and merged with FIX: add outlet names, they're no longer passed in by awesomerobot · Pull Request #424 · discourse/discourse-calendar · GitHub

Possible regression in the current 3.2.0.beta4-dev ?

This setting requires that you provide a category ID and post ID.
You won’t see a drop-down list with categories. I understand that it might be confusing!

Similar to the description says, you have to write, for example: categoryId=6;postId=453.

categoryId is the category the calendar will be displayed on top of.
postId is the post in which you put the calendar with [calendar][/calendar]


Just further clarifying, this site setting will put a calendar from a specific post into a category view.

There’s a different one, events calendar categories, where you have a category picker to select which ones you want to enable a top calendar, displaying events from the topics created in that category.

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@renato thanks for the additional notes, that clarifies a number of questions … :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I have moved this to ux in that the plus button feels confusing and unneeded there. But I am not sure there is a bug here?

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I am unable to get this feature to work either. I’m inserting a valid categoryId= and postId= into the text box, separated by a semicolon. However the calendar is not displaying.

Topic id is 30, so looking at the /t/30.json endpoint yields data about the Post, so I can get the Post id. Category id is easy to get from the URL, but putting these in the box doesn’t do anything.

I also can’t help feeling that there should be clearer distinction in the admin panel to explain what the difference is between events calendar categories and simply calendar categories, because the functionality is quite similar, but not quite the same.

As far as I understand it, the difference is that ‘Display an events calendar at the top of a category’ will display a calendar of [event][/event] events (although having selected a category it doesn’t explain that you also need to go create the [calendar] (newline) [/calendar] in a Topic in that Category as well).

Whereas calendar categories (‘Display a calendar at the top of a category’) is different only by omitting the word events (easy to miss when skim reading), has a completely different syntax, and allows you to display any [calendar] (newline or it won't work) [/calendar], which can contain [date] objects.

Is there any way that the admin UI could be a little clearer? Even if it had to link back to the guides on Meta that would be something.

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