Category calendar not displaying (reopen)

I cant add categories to the “calendar categories” setting:

A click on the plus button only shows a stop sign …

This was already discussed at Category calendar not displaying and merged with FIX: add outlet names, they're no longer passed in by awesomerobot · Pull Request #424 · discourse/discourse-calendar · GitHub

Possible regression in the current 3.2.0.beta4-dev ?

This setting requires that you provide a category ID and post ID.
You won’t see a drop-down list with categories. I understand that it might be confusing!

Similar to the description says, you have to write, for example: categoryId=6;postId=453.

categoryId is the category the calendar will be displayed on top of.
postId is the post in which you put the calendar with [calendar][/calendar]


Just further clarifying, this site setting will put a calendar from a specific post into a category view.

There’s a different one, events calendar categories, where you have a category picker to select which ones you want to enable a top calendar, displaying events from the topics created in that category.

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@renato thanks for the additional notes, that clarifies a number of questions … :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I have moved this to ux in that the plus button feels confusing and unneeded there. But I am not sure there is a bug here?

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