with Ethereum plugin

Please tell us about all the things you did to add this plugin.
Did you add the before_code as described earlier in this topic?
Is this a standard install ?

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in app.yml Added like - git clone https//GitHub—-.git

Selfhosted on Ubuntu 18 , and it is standard install with ./setup command

So you did not do this

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@RGJ can you please tell me how to add this before_code , and please share me post with the before_code

No, I’m sorry, you can use ctrl-f to search the topic and it will lead you to the answer.


@RGJ is referring to the guide in the github :slight_smile: GitHub - spruceid/discourse-siwe-auth: Discourse plugin for SIWE authentication

In the app.yml file you need to add the sections below the hooks section


thankyou @RGJ and @Tris20 , will try this and update you

it really did thanks dont know why i was not able to see it earlier :slightly_smiling_face:

update : Installation done and plugin is working fine , now just testing with ETH wallet to login.