Silence staged users silently?

Is there a way to avoid that staged users get emails from Discourse when they are being silenced and/or their posts are being marked as spam?

Reasoning: When you are accepting incoming email to a private Discourse (i.e. the ticketing setup), you are exposed to people sending you all kinds of stuff. For instance, in our case several people have subscribed us to their newsletters, probably in good faith, but the fact is that these emails are not support requests and we’d rather get them out of the way.

Silencing users does just that, but when silencing a user an email is sent communicating this silencing. This makes sense for registered users, but there are many situations where this email isn’t useful. Spambots get excited when you reply to their chatter, and real humans might get confused or upset.


Why not delete the user instead?

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When silencing a user that keeps sending you i.e. a newsletter, new incoming emails are just ignored. If we delete these users, then we will have the same problem of cleaning their email the next time they post.

You could block the email as well :wink:


Ah, ok! Turns our that I didn’t go as far as to click the “Delete” button and find out that there were different options there, one of them “Delete and block this email and its IP address”.

I have tried and seems to work. Staged user deleted, email address blocked and no notification sent.

Very good. Thank you!

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