Silence vs Suspend Button Confusion

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I find myself in a hurry to get things done Suspending users when I meant to Silence them. It’s not that I don’t know the difference. It’s that the words are very similar and both buttons in the UI almost look the same (red).


I’d like to propose perhaps changing the name “Suspend” to “Block”, or at least changing the color of the Silence button to a shade of yellow to make clear it’s a less drastic step.

What do others think?


Just add something like this to your CSS to change the color of Suspend

.user-suspended .btn-danger {
    background-color: #FFD300;

Thanks. I should have thought about site-specific customizations first. (Not an HTML person or even very familiar with the site-specific possibilities).


Not sure what you are being confused about… Each button has a different text and function.

‘block’ sounds like if it was personal to your account.

Whatever works best for you ; )

Thanks for your reply. It’s not about the text or function. It’s that the buttons look similar and therefore I sometimes press the wrong one when I’m in a hurry. On our site we use both and have specific guidance on which to use depending on the circumstances of the situation. (Yeah, I know, I should train myself better. :slight_smile:)

That said, per @smrtey’s suggestion, we are going to change the color of the Silence button to yellow and that, I think, it going to go a long way toward eliminating the accidental press of the wrong one.


Amber would be good as it shows progression

Green (redundant as we don’t have a green button on user admin)

Then amber


We don’t have any concept of yellow buttons and I am not sure I want to add this for a sample size of one. The words and the glyph are both different.


No worries. We are changing the button color on our site only via CSS.

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