Simple question about using mailjet...and a forwarder

Hi everyone

I’m using Mailjet (free account) for emails but would like to set up an address on my Discourse domain to simply forward emails to my gmail address.

Is there a simple way to do this?

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Have you configured an incoming mail server on your discourse server? If not, you can point the MX for your domain wherever you want. Discourse knows nothing about it.


OK I think I got it. So basically:

  • Mailjet, configured via Discourse set up how-to, is only an outbound mail server
  • A server will have to be set up to send outgoing mail
  • This can’t be done via Discourse set up on Digital Ocean (who are my hosts)

So I got to set up some kind of other outgoing mail server, somewhere. And set up MX records accordingly.

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I think that you have mailjet sending outright) outgoing mail for Discourse. This is for notifications and address verification.

If you want to handle mail sent to your domain name you can do it however you want. You could set up a mail server on you digital ocean droplet to receive that mail and do whatever you want, but since what you want it for it to be forwarded elsewhere, it’s not the easiest solution.

I would guess that mailjet would receive and forward the mail for you.


OK thanks for the help!